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Wellness Consultations

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It is a set of holistic and other natural practices that aim to balance the body and the mind. Whether through the use of herbalism, essential oils, healthy eating and more. The goal is to find the cause of your physical or emotional discomfort by making lifestyle changes. In addition, by acting preventively and relieving your symptoms, the body begins a process of self-healing. As a naturotherapist part of the Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec (ANQ), I will advise you on several ways to increase your autonomy!

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Satisfying the needs of your mind and body.

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your body

During our health coaching sessions, we will determine together your good and bad health habits.

When my clients contact me for a consultation, they are aware that they have to make changes, but do not know where to start as this is may be a hard process if they are not properly guided. We don’t want to work drastically; we will work together with small changes that will ultimately lead to big improvements. I want you to stay motivated throughout this journey.

Going step by step, I will guide you to remove potentially foods that are toxic for your body. Even when we eat healthy, it is very likely that we are intolerant towards certain foods! There’s no magic recipe or one specific diet that’s right for everyone. I will then recommend some foods or therapeutic plants to help detoxify your eliminatory organs, in a completely safe way.

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